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Serene, Patinaed Fantasy

Accustomed to living out of a suitcase, I pendulumed back and forth between Manhattan where Susan was wrapping up a degree in interior design following a decade-long career in video production, and Westport, New York, where both of our parents … Continue reading

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Paris Renovation Bug

Starting in about 2003 I initiated an unfocused real estate hunt for a “fixer-upper” in the Adirondacks’ Champlain Valley. I’d returned from four years in Europe with enough savings to justify some idle time, a reprieve I hoped to plough … Continue reading

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In Letters To A Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke writes, “everything is gestation, then bringing forth”. My daily munge, what others might refer to as daily writing practice or a journal, is my place and process for gestation. It’s a … Continue reading

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Recovering from Irene

Much of the North Country is still recovering from the devastation wrought by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. Four weeks on, I return to the notes I jotted during and shortly after Irene passed through Essex, New York. A sheet of water … Continue reading

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Redacting Rosslyn v1.0

Thanks for diving into my experiment! Redacting Rosslyn is an invitation to co-create Rosslyn Redux, a transmedia memoir of marriage testing misadventure, exurban flight & eco-historic rehab. The following is a digital scrapbook for my performance at the Depot Theatre in Westport, NY on August 3, 2011. Continue reading

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