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Carriage Barn Renovation: Stall Walls + Floor

We’ve been slowly working forward on the carriage barn renovation. Our most recent focus is rebuilding the floor in—and in between—the stalls, and the “floor-door” that allows access to the hay mow. The project may never end. This afternoon, instead of … Continue reading

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Common Goldeneye Ducks

I recently met Lake Placid based photographer John DiGiacomo at the Essex derry dock where he was photographing Common Goldeneye ducks and other waterfowl. The Essex-Charlotte ferry channel has become a popular destination for birders ever since Lake Champlain froze over last … Continue reading

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Decrypting Bird Tracks in Snow

I don’t recall whether or not I was fascinated with animal and bird tracks in snow as a child, but I suspect I was. I am now… (Fox Tracks, Foxtrot & X-Country Skiing) It wasn’t until my nephews (now teenagers … Continue reading

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Midwinter Gator Service

I mentioned the other day that frosty, persistent midwinter is the perfect time to get Rosslyn’s lawn and field equipment serviced so that it’s ready for prime time once the snow retreats and the dandelions bloom. A few days before … Continue reading

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Midwinter Tractor Service

Ten below zero without wind chill and Babe – our cooold blue tractor – needed to be warmed up with a kerosene heater under a tarp “tent” in the carriage barn before it would start. (Note to self: Next time, remember to … Continue reading

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If You Lose Your Purpose, It’s Like You’re Broken

Everything has a purpose, even machines… They do what they are meant to do… Maybe that’s why a broken machine always makes me so sad, they can’t do what they are meant to do… Maybe it’s the same with people. … Continue reading

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Kestrel Sighting

Katie Shepard posted this vintage photograph of the steam yacht Kestrel on the Essex blog recently to see if anyone could identify the vessel, the boathouse, the men on the pier, the approximate year, etc. Greater Adirondack Ghost and Tour … Continue reading

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