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How to Apply Tanglefoot to Trees

It’s Tanglefoot time again. Actually, we’re late — really late! — due to this rainy, soggy summer. But better late than never, especially since I’ve begun to spy the first tent caterpillars of the 2017 season. First a quick refresher. … Continue reading

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Holistic Orcharding: Fruitful and Deer-full

I’m excited to report that we may finally be able to enjoy Rosslyn peaches, nectarines, and even a few pears and apples this summer. For the first time since we began planting an orchard, several trees have matured enough to … Continue reading

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Friend or Foe: Colorado Potato Beetle

This morning I spied a Colorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) or three in the vegetable garden. Here’s a fuzzy snapshot of one Colorado Potato Beetle contentedly munching away on young eggplant leaves. Do you see the yellow striped beetle? It’s … Continue reading

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After the Rain

Just when a couple of dry, sunny days had begun to feel familiar, even normal, the rain returned. It came down in waves upon waves. Streams and rivers swelled, the driveway became two coursing torrents, and the vegetable garden turned … Continue reading

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Spring Dance: Coyotes and White Tail Deer

One trail cam. One location. Three months, give or take. Deer. Coyotes. And the transition from winter to spring in the Adirondacks’ Champlain Valley. The perspective, situated near a fence opening at the transition of scrub forest and meadows offers … Continue reading

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