Carriage Barn Renovation: Stall Walls + Floor

Carriage Barn Renovation: Floor
Carriage Barn Renovation: During the winter of 2013-4 we undertook the long overdue project of rebuilding the carriage barn floors, stalls, walls, etc. (Source: Geo Davis)

We’ve been slowly working forward on the carriage barn renovation. Our most recent focus is rebuilding the floor in—and in between—the stalls, and the “floor-door” that allows access to the hay mow. The project may never end.

This afternoon, instead of a detailed review of progress-to-date and a slightly discouraged look forward, I submit to you an imaginary conversation inside my head.

Me: I’m overdue for an update on the carriage barn.

Other Me: You mean that’s not done yet?

Me: No. It’s still ongoing. May always be.

Other Me: You guys are slower than molasses in January.

Me: Yes, but it’s February. Almost March. And, before you get your knickers in a knot, I’ll admit that a year from now there will still be some carriage barn projects ongoing…

Other Me: Procrastination?

Me: Maybe. Or maybe just insanity prevention. When you own an old place, renovation is ongoing. It’s never done. We’ve learned to pace ourselves. Fast enough to keep ahead of entropy, slow enough for it to be enjoyable. And affordable!

We’re pacing ourselves.

But that still doesn’t explain why the initially quite finite scope of work with which we initiated this project has metastasized toward the infinite.

So many little steps. I just ordered finish material for the walls: 800′ total of v-groove Douglas fir (10′ x 6-5/8″ x 3/4″). The materials drop on time. But the work never ends…

If you’d like a peak inside, here’s a slow-poke slide show of the work so far.

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