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Daily Munge is a term I made up long enough ago that it’s no longer make believe. It’s real. Think of it as a storyteller’s compost pile. Or a writer’s scrapbook. Long before journals became weblogs became blogs, writers and storytellers kept fuzzy cornered, coffee stained notebooks and clutches of notes wrapped in string. Word people (my kind of word people, at least) are chronic collectors. We cling to our clutter because we are paranoid. We’ve learned that our best ideas may be yesterday’s mistakes. Notes become novels. Slapdash clouds of words becomes monumental poems. Not often, of course, but once is all it takes to convince us that we’d best hoard our verbal midden heaps. Just in case. My Daily Munge is my squalid midden heap. My compost pile. My scrapbook…

Bald Eagle Omen

I share with you a bald eagle omen, courtesy of my mother. Bald eagle by your boat house. Saw this elegant creature as I went to massage and he was still there when I returned. May be a sign of something … Continue reading

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Carriage Barn Renovation: Stall Walls + Floor

We’ve been slowly working forward on the carriage barn renovation. Our most recent focus is rebuilding the floor in—and in between—the stalls, and the “floor-door” that allows access to the hay mow. The project may never end. This afternoon, instead of … Continue reading

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Hail Storm & Apple Tree

An ancient and neglected apple tree. Actually some sort of crab apple tree with fruit the size of golf balls. Large golf balls that were tart but delicious. Griffin loved to scarf them up when they carpeted the lawn in … Continue reading

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Mary Wade’s Rosslyn

My bride refers to herself as “Mama” to our Labrador Retriever, Griffin. It’s always struck me as a bit goofy, preferring, I suppose, to think of myself as my dog’s master. Though anyone familiar with our little family of three … Continue reading

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Fox & Squirrel Revisited

I’ve been quick to admit my fascination with the ongoing Rosslyn safari. Predation up close and personal from the comfort of my breakfast table! But this week, I had a change of heart… Continue reading

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Just Google it?

This video is one of several exploratory forays into the Google Search vignette I included in my Redacting Rosslyn v1.0 performance last August at The Depot Theatre in Westport, New York. Blending readings from my Rosslyn Redux manuscript with oral … Continue reading

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Rifle & Eggs

“Mornin’,” Wes said as he pulled the pantry door shut behind him and greeted Griffin with a scratch behind the ears. “Good morning,” I called back from the kitchen where I was scrambling eggs. “You don’t want me to run … Continue reading

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Excavating Rosslyn

“I look at it as an excavation, if you will,” says the architect. (New England Home) The architect, Pete Lackey of Charles Myer and Partners in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is referring to “taking the long view” on renovation, specifically to reawakening … Continue reading

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Rosslyn Roundup, May 4

It’s time for another Rosslyn Roundup to share everything Rosslyn-related that I didn’t get a chance to post over the last few weeks. Champlain Valleysprings are unpredictable and exciting, sometimes arriving early (this year) and other times hiding behind rain, … Continue reading

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Timber Rattlesnake? Massasauga Rattlesnake?

Massasauga rattlesnake (Sistrurus catenatus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Have you ever ever heard of an Eastern massasauga rattlesnake? Or a Sistrurus catenatus? Me either. Until recently. I’ve just come across notes that I scribbled almost three years ago on May 15, … Continue reading

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