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Bald Eagle Omen

I share with you a bald eagle omen, courtesy of my mother. Bald eagle by your boat house. Saw this elegant creature as I went to massage and he was still there when I returned. May be a sign of something … Continue reading

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Bobcat Sighting

This handsome bobcat (Lynx rufus) was photographed with game camera in one of our meadows on January 2, 2016. Friend and Essex neighbor John Davis mounted the camera about a month ago. In addition to photographs of deer, turkeys, and rabbits he discovered four … Continue reading

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De-Icing the Duck Pond

Let me start by saying that we don’t have a duck pond. We have a lake. Lake Champlain. And although it pains me slightly to say it, we also don’t have any ducks. Not personally, at least. Lake Champlain, on … Continue reading

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Aftermath: Winter Storm Damage

My enthusiasm for an early season blizzard was rewarded (punished?) severalfold. Be careful what you wish for! Remember the section about potential winter storm damage in my last post? Impacts Travel conditions will remain difficult to hazardous due to snow covered roads … Continue reading

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Alert: Winter Storm Warning

In this age of mobile connectivity we’re never far from up-to-the-moment weather advisories and alerts. This winter storm warning interrupted me this morning. Alert: Winter Storm Warning Winter storm warning now in effect until 11 pm EST this evening. The national weather … Continue reading

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Early Autumn

Autumn appears to be coming early this year. For at least a week nights have been dropping into the chilly 50s. And this morning I see that temperatures slid even lower. Perhaps this is normal? Yet it doesn’t seem normal. … Continue reading

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Rainbow Ramble

At the end of the rainbow… A ferry! That seems like the perfect, cheesoise title for this photo I just snapped standing in the road between our home and the boathouse. Looking east at Vermont’s Green Mountains, though you’ll have … Continue reading

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Birdwatchers and Golden-Winged Warblers

Found him! Birdwatchers from across the United States studied the elusive golden-winged warbler as part of the 12th Annual Adirondack Birding Celebration June 6 at an Essex thicket. The golden-winged warbler is a “species of special concern,” said trip leader … Continue reading

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Lake Champlain Water Level Falling Below Flood Stage?

It’s the annual song and dance. Spring arrives (on the calendar, at least.) Snow melts. Ice melts. Rain falls. Lake Champlain water levels rise. And rise. And rise. Sometimes (though hopefully not this year) Lake Champlain water levels reach flood … Continue reading

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Decrypting Bird Tracks in Snow

I don’t recall whether or not I was fascinated with animal and bird tracks in snow as a child, but I suspect I was. I am now… (Fox Tracks, Foxtrot & X-Country Skiing) It wasn’t until my nephews (now teenagers … Continue reading

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