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Rosslyn Redux is a tangle of interwoven essays and stories rooted in the rehabilitation of an historic property on the Adirondack shore of Lake Champlain. For almost two centuries Rosslyn has seduced and flaunted, but she’s also been neglected. And she has crumbled. Centered around the experience of newlyweds who swap midtown Manhattan (and a parade of personal setbacks) for the promise of simple life in the Adirondacks, these lyric essays chronicle their unique adventure while plumbing universal themes: Wanderlust to Houselust, Archeology of Home, and Rehab Ad Infinitum.

Vintage Sherwood Inn Advertisement

Many thanks to David Brayden for discovering and sharing a 1949 Adirondack Guide that showcased Essex, NY alongside a vintage Sherwood Inn advertisement (above), the only Essex ad included in the book. It turns out that David Brayden is not only a talented doodler. He … Continue reading

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Homeport in Wadhams, NY

I’ve come across another historic photograph of Homeport in Wadhams, NY. This wonderful old house a short drive from Rosslyn was my home during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was a wreck when my parents purchased it and … Continue reading

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Low Lake Levels + Crib Dock Reflections

Whether you call it climate change, “nature’s sense of humor”, or something else, Lake Champlain’s water level is raising eyebrows. Back in 2011 we experienced the highest lake levels in recorded history. Five years later lake levels are flirting with the lowest … Continue reading

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Storm + Screen Doors

Good friend and skilled carpenter Kevin Boyle built screen doors for Rosslyn’s exterior mudroom entrance and pantry entrances, and he installed them this past Sunday and Monday. My bride had leaned on him to squeeze the installation in between two … Continue reading

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History of Essex, New York

[The following excerpt, “History of Essex, New York”, has been taken from Chapter XXXIV (pp. 540-559) of History of Essex County with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers, edited by H. P. Smith, published by D. Mason & Co., … Continue reading

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Essex Horse Nail Company and Wadhams Mills

I spied this intriguing artifact in an eBay auction. It’s a canceled envelope for a letter, invoice, something… sent from the Essex Horse Nail Co., Limited in Essex, New York on August 16, 1898 (year cited in eBay auction, though I’m unable to verify) … Continue reading

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Essex Ferry to Vermont

Great photograph! That “Essex Ferry to Vermont” sign is posted at the entrance to the Essex-Charlotte ferry dock located two houses and one library south of Rosslyn. That’s our boathouse in the center of the image. I came across this charming Essex … Continue reading

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Demolition: Rosslyn Dedux

When it was built it was just right for the times. But it didn’t adapt… Rooms were shut off and fell out of use. Neglect left the paint chipped, with bare wood and brick showing through… rehabilitation fails with no sustainable plan … Continue reading

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Lake Champlain Water Level Falling Below Flood Stage?

It’s the annual song and dance. Spring arrives (on the calendar, at least.) Snow melts. Ice melts. Rain falls. Lake Champlain water levels rise. And rise. And rise. Sometimes (though hopefully not this year) Lake Champlain water levels reach flood … Continue reading

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If You Lose Your Purpose, It’s Like You’re Broken

Everything has a purpose, even machines… They do what they are meant to do… Maybe that’s why a broken machine always makes me so sad, they can’t do what they are meant to do… Maybe it’s the same with people. … Continue reading

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