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Carriage Barn Renovation: Stall Walls + Floor

We’ve been slowly working forward on the carriage barn renovation. Our most recent focus is rebuilding the floor in—and in between—the stalls, and the “floor-door” that allows access to the hay mow. The project may never end. This afternoon, instead of … Continue reading

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Carriage Barn Artifact Triptych

Intriguing artifacts tend to pop up in unlikely places. Rosslyn’s carriage barn, for example. We’re currently undertaking structural improvements to the larger of the two outbuildings west of our home. In anticipation of a re-roofing project that will include stripping the old … Continue reading

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Totally, unabashedly, irreversibly seduced

Today’s question from Al Katkowsky‘s Question of the Day book was the perfect invitation to reflect on Rosslyn Redux, the “big picture”! What should you definitely not have done that turned out okay anyway? In the summer of 2006 I … Continue reading

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Rosslyn’s Redneck Yacht Club

I challenge any red blooded American who’s spent a little time in the country to dislike Redneck Yacht Club from Craig Morgan‘s 2005 album My Kind of Livin. Can’t do it! Redneck, city slicker, suburbanite, exurbanite, whatever… If you give … Continue reading

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