Coyotes Captured on Camera

This winter a trail camera silently monitoring a fence opening along the margin of Rosslyn’s woods-fields transition documented our second most frequent nocturnal visitor, the Eastern Coyote. The images in this post, captured this past January (2017), might even offer a glimpse at the animal frequently referred to as a “coywolf”.

Although none of these photographs portray exceptionally large canids, I have on several occasions witnessed firsthand coyotes of significantly larger proportions. My first experience took place almost a decade ago while brush-hogging one of the rear meadows. The coyote—or possibly “coywolf”—was easily as large as a malamute and considerably more robust than the coyotes in these trail cam photos. Coloring was mottled grays and browns, and the head and tail were notably larger than coyotes.

My second experience was more recent. An almost black coyote/”coywolf” of still larger proportions was startled by me during an early morning orchard inspection. S/he loped away from me across the near meadow, slowly and confidently, gliding through the high grass with a confidence and elegance I’ve never before witnessed among coyotes. Spectacular!

Coyote Captured on Camera, January 2017 (Source: Trail Camera Photo by Geo Davis)
Coyote Captured on Camera, January 2017 (Source: Trail Camera Photo by Geo Davis)

If you’re interested in learning more about coyotes and/or “coywolves” in the Adirondacks, I recommend friend and neighbor John Davis’s post on our Essex community blog, “Welcoming the Coywolf“.

I will share additional game/trail camera photos of Rosslyn’s native wildlife (including Bobcat) in the near future. Stay tuned!

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