Day Lilies & Delays

Another installment of Rosslyn day lilies, these beauties leaning toward the exotic a bit more than yesterday’s “tiger lilies”. I had hoped to photograph several other dramatic varieties as well, but the recent heat and dry weather have taken their toll, and the blooms have passed their prime. No matter. Others will soon bloom!

I will soon share a gallery of images from the carriage barn roof repairs. We initiated this project 1-2 years ago, but a parade of setbacks (including the need to first undertake structural repairs and stabilization) delayed replacement of the failing asphalt shingles with a standing seam steel roof. Soon – super soon, as my visiting nieces would say – I hope to announce that both the ice house and carriage barn have matching standing seam roofs. The work was supposed to be completed today, after an impressive 4-day (two back-to-back weekends) project.

Following in the wake of so many endless, deadline-busting Rosslyn rehabilitation projects, it has been refreshing to witness such an efficient turn-around. I’ll save the detailed chronicle for another post (once the new roof is 100% complete), but for now I hail the hard working crew who endured blazing heat and even some rain to see this project through on schedule. Almost…

As they wrapped up today, they discovered that they were one section short. After an enormous roof, the two massive spools of steel that fed into the “bending machine” ran out. The final 18″ or so, on the northeast end of the carriage barn remains exposed this evening. I’m confident that the missing material will arrive soon and the roof will be done.

But until then, I salve any frustrations I may feel over the delay with the spectacular gardens, ablaze with drama and visual song. Thank you, day lilies!

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