Day Lily Daze

An old foundation filled to brimming with day lily blossoms at Rosslyn.
An old foundation filled to brimming with day lily blossoms at Rosslyn.

Lest the glories of midsummer be eclipsed by boat lift blues and lemon generators, I’d like to dazzle you with blossoms. I’m hoping to follow up this day lily daze with another shortly, the next leaning more toward whites and pinks and purples. But today we start with more familiar hues and patterns.

This summer has offered a king’s bounty in colorful flowers. Must be something about all that rain in May and June, and all of that humid heat in July. Lush foliage, quasi tropical growth and vibrant blooms. Many a day lily in our beds have rocketed as tall as I am! I’ve never witnessed a 6’2″ day lily before.

Day Lily Exotica vs. Nostalgia

I can’t resist the ever-more exotic color combinations available for hybrid lilies, but the oranges and reds and browns and yellows still win for me. Earthy. Rustic. And imbued with nostalgia for youth and meadows wandered. Hiking in the Adirondacks this time of year “wild” day lilies are reliable evidence that a now wooded in depression in the forest once once a homestead. A bridge across time. A gardener’s best friend. Mouse over (or click on) any of the day lily photographs below to read the caption. Enjoy…

Day Lily Posts Across the Interwebs

Turns out I’m not alone in my praise for the day lily. Especially at this peak of summer moment. Here are a few others’ looks at nature’s fireworks:

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2 Responses to Day Lily Daze

  1. Love the photo of the day lilies at Rosslyn, to me is just says “Summer”. It must have taken many years for the clump to reach that size and the combination of hot orange and yellow flowers is perfect against the cool green backdrop.

    • virtualDavis says:

      Really appreciate your kind message. I totally agree that “tiger lilies” are the seasonal equivalent to a summer anthem. Summer! This clump is actually only a few years old, but the bulbs themselves are far older. I thin and spread lilies each year along with hostas, lily of the valley, daffodils and other trusty bulbs. Its amazing what rich soil and good growing conditions will do to a healthy batch of day lilies!

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