Early Autumn

Early Autumn? The weather Channel tells the story...
Early Autumn? The weather Channel tells the story…

Autumn appears to be coming early this year. For at least a week nights have been dropping into the chilly 50s. And this morning I see that temperatures slid even lower.

Perhaps this is normal? Yet it doesn’t seem normal. The 40s in mid August? In Essex, New York? On the shores of Lake Champlain which usually acts as a “heat sink” effectively extending our warm season?

Early Autumn’s Reminder

Early Autumn? The thermometer outside my bedroom verifies the chilly story...
Early Autumn? The thermometer outside my bedroom verifies the chilly story…

Whether or not early autumn is here to stay, it’s serving as a reminder. Get out and enjoy the temperate weather before it’s gone. Today and tomorrow promise to be sunny and warm, perfect days for cycling and hiking and gardening. Perhaps even windsurfing? Or wake surfing? Hopefully one or the other!

And there’s another goal I’ve set but neglected for several years. I’d like to make a habit of working in the boathouse for a few hours away from my study, my desk, my piles and files. No better time than the present. No better motivator than a crisp, early autumn morning when I can faintly see my breath in the sir as Griffin sniffs around the yard. Soon it will be too cold to work in the boathouse. Soon…

Anticipating Autumn

Of course, early autumn whispers aren’t all “Caution!” and “Carpe diem…” After all, Adirondack autumns might well be the finest time of the year. The harvest reaches its peak. The hiking and biking are unquestionably superior to all other times of the year. Photography. Sunsets. Sailing. Fly fishing. Fall foliage. The day the ginkgo leaves shower down

In short, August’s recent summer lullaby marks both a bittersweet ending and a joyful beginning. It’s a time to savor summer’s delicacies and anticipate autumn adventures ahead. I think I’ll call a chum and bum a sail!

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3 Responses to Early Autumn

  1. Josh Clement says:

    I had 36 degrees in Bloomingdale this morning. It’s not right!

    • virtualDavis says:

      Goodness! It hardly seems possible, Josh. Please keep the chilly temperatures deeper into the high peaks. It seems almost farcical to be wishing for an Indian summer when we’re still in mid August…

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