The Voice of Redacting Rosslyn

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on Redacting Rosslyn, a solo performance of vignettes, monologues and storytelling from Rosslyn Redux. Join me on Wednesday, August 3 at The Depot Theatre in Westport, NY. (Did I mention there’s a cocktail reception?)

Lights, stage, audience, action! I’ll morph from storyteller to author right before your eyes. With a little help from the audience…

I love to perform, but I always apologize for my voice.

It’s funny. When I rehearse — aloud or in my head — my voice is Bourbon and caramel. Resonant. Enveloping. It’s the secret weapon of a guerrilla storyteller!

And then I hear a recording of myself or watch a video, and I’m certain the sound isn’t working properly. Bad mic? Is the equalizer busted? Probably the speakers are blown. I don’t have that pre-pubescent, one-dimensional voice that scurries for the rafters every few minutes. Really, I don’t.

Only, I do. It’s me. That voice is my own. And though I’ve come to terms with it, I do have moments when I’m preparing to perform that I daydream… What if I woke up sounding like James Earl Jones?

This video is a response to a question from Al Katkowsky’s Question of the Day (@QOfTheDayBook) book:

What is the most important thing you want, that you didn’t grow up with?

I’ve always longed for a deep, velvety radio announcer voice. A disk jockey voice. An actor voice. But no dice or wrong DNA or something…

After almost four decades of vocal shenanigans I’ve accepted my lot, but if I wake up tomorrow with the voice of Darth Vader instead of Luke Skywalker, well, let’s just say that I’d be okay with that!

About virtualDavis

A writer, storyteller and unabashed flâneur, George Davis (aka virtualDavis or G.G. Davis, Jr.) is the author of Rosslyn Redux: Reawakening a home, a dream and ourselves, a transmedia chronicle about rehabilitating an historic property in the Adirondacks with his bride. He blogs about storytelling, poetry, doodling, marginalia, flânerie, publishing, and other creativity-inspired esoterica at; posts sometimes exhilarating, often unnerving, occasionally euphoric, and always pollyanna "midlife mashups" at; chronicles his sailing adventures (and misadventures) at Sailing Errant; and delves into matters of parenting, babylandia, and childfreedom at Why No Kids? George formerly taught and coached at Santa Fe Preparatory School and The American School of Paris, and he co-founded and launched Maison Margaux: "Paris à la parisienne" in Faubourg Saint-Germain. He currently owns and operates Adobe Oasis in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his bride. George meanders on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Flickr.
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12 Responses to The Voice of Redacting Rosslyn

  1. Michele says:

    Aw, you’re voice isn’t bad! We never like the sound of our voice. I do love James Earl Jones’ voice, but you can take only so much of the deepness at a time. :-)

    • virtualDavis says:

      Michele, thanks for your consolation! I figure that it’s the only voice I’ve got, so I’ve gotten used to it. Agreed that JEJ’s Dark Vader voice from the bottom of the well, but there’s something about a resonant voice that wins my ears every time even if it’s not so deep. In any event, much appreciate your kind words. Cheers!

  2. George. Leave the voice to James Earl Jones. (You don’t want to sound like that when you order pizza, you know.) Just try for some lights in your next video. What were you, taping during an eclipse? :-)

    • virtualDavis says:

      Hadn’t considered the pizza problem, Porter. “I said extra anchovies…” Good point. And calling information for a number? You might get added to some strange “list” for weirdos… Though I suppose I’d qualify even without the voice. To be sure, the lights were not so good. A mid-day eclipse… Yes, that must have been it. :-)

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