La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose: Rosslyn boathouse during late February sunset (Credit: Kristen Eden)
La Vie en Rose: Rosslyn boathouse during a late February sunset. (Credit: Kristen Eden)

Je vois la vie en rose
I see life through rose-colored glasses ~ Édith Piaf

Édith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” – usually translated as “Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses” – inevitably, joyfully came to mind when this sexy photograph was shared with me on Facebook by an Essex friend and neighbor, Janice Koenig. It turns out the photographer, Kristen Eden, is also an Essex neighbor and, if Facebook counts, a new friend.

Kristen’s photographs (see gallery below for a few more) capture warmth and tenderness, unusual characteristics for mid-winter images of icy Lake Champlain. Even on sunny days our North Country light in February tends to by harsh and severe, so these unlikely photos were a welcome sight. They lit up Facebook prompting “likes” and comments from many local and distant fans. My downsized, watermarked versions of her photos don’t fairly do the originals justice, but you can enjoy the image above, “Ducks swimmin’ in pink lemonade” (in larger, better format) on Kristen Eden Fine Art and Photography.

Sensuous & Harsh: La Vie En Rose

Piaf, France’s “Little Sparrow”, similarly blends the sensuous and the harsh. Perhaps it’s the scratchy old recordings. Or her crushed velvet sound. Or her swooping transitions and confident refrains. Who knows? A siren’s mystery. Listen and decide for yourself.

Piaf’s song wove itself inextricably into my already Pollyanna-prone psyche during my college years, and despite the lyrics’s unlikely resonance, they remain evocative and hypnotic half a lifetime later. Piaf’s sensuous sound makes me nostalgic for the years I lived in Paris even now as I type these words about photographs that remind me how much I am enchanted with Essex, a world away from The City of Light.

Thanks for your Rose-colored Glasses

Thanks, Kristen, for your stunning photographs. And thanks, Janice, for bringing them to my attention.

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4 Responses to La Vie en Rose

  1. Janice Koenig says:

    Hey you are welcome, neighbor! Love the odd but effective pairing of Eden and Piaf! Isn’t it wonderful and amazing how music can transport us and change us instantly!

    • virtualDavis says:

      Odd but effective. Mind if I borrow that, Janice? Might be a good subtitle for my curriculum vitae. :-) Totally agree about music. And smells too!

  2. Kristen Eden says:

    Thank you for this delightful blog and sharing my photographs on your website! I too like the correlation of music and art as they are so closely associated with the same creative passions!

    • virtualDavis says:

      Glad you’re happy with the post, Kristen. Not half so pleased as I was /am with your photographs, I suspect. Thanks again. Perhaps a painting next? :-)

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