Rosslyn Boathouse Free from Toppling Ash

Ash tree undermined by Lake Champlain flood
Ash tree undermined by Lake Champlain flood

Remember the Lake Champlain flood? The good news is that flooding is abating. Rapidly. In fact the water’s “fallen” to normal spring flood stage… Which means that we’re finally catching up on the damaged waterfront, repairing the boathouse, installing docks and boat hoist, etc. You may remember that large ash tree was undermined by the flood and was beginning to topple down over top of the boathouse. Not good. You may also remember that local arborist Mark Sauslgiver decided to install a tension line from high in the tree to the guardrail north of the boathouse. The idea was that in the event the trees roots gave way and the tree toppled, the line would pull the falling tree northward, sparing the boat house.

I liked the idea. Sounded good. Looked good when I drew a little diagram on paper. But, I’d be lying if I claimed that I was 100% confident it would work. That’s a big tree, and I had a difficult time imagining a static line enduring a fall much less staying taught and pulling thousands of pounds of gravity-fueled ash anywhere other than straight down. On top of the boathouse, the pier, and the railings. But, turns out Mark knew his tension lines.

Today his crew removed the tree, piece by piece, sending massive chunks of wood down a “zip line” to the curb or New York State Route 22 where they could be cut up and/or chipped. The entire affair was a success!

I’m deeply saddened to lose a mature, healthy tree that offered much appreciated shade in the heat of summer and served as a charming frame for images of the boathouse. But I am overjoyed that the tree was removed before gravity won. And I’ve been assured that sooner or later it would.

I’ll add a short video soon!

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8 Responses to Rosslyn Boathouse Free from Toppling Ash

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  2. Doug says:

    That is sad to see a nice tree go, but sounds like disaster averted. Happy to hear you are getting back to “Boathouse Normal”.

  3. virtualDavis says:

    So true, Doug. I wrestled with it for too long, trying to figure out any solution that the tree expert might have overlooked. But too much mass, too unstable overtop too valuable a building to risk. As the arborist explained, “It’s not if, it’s when… the tree will fall on the boathouse.” Decision made. Looking forward. Hope your Spanish adventure is going well!

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