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Michael Phillips: Holistic Orcharding

For several years I’ve been absorbing holistic orcharding and gardening wisdom from Michael Phillips. I no longer recall how I came across the pied piper of organic, non-toxic fruit tree propagation, but it’s quite possible that my first introduction was an … Continue reading

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Beautiful Broccoli

Catherine Seidenberg, our now-year-two vegetable garden guru, has once again aced the Broccoli Bonanza. That’s right, my bride and I have been devouring 100% organic, pest-free broccoli fresh out of the garden for a couple of weeks now. Quickly steamed, it’s packed … Continue reading

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Why Are My Cucumbers Orange?

Why are my cucumbers turning orange? Yellow-orange, to be precise? We have more productive cucumber plants than ever before, but the enormous fruit are turning yellow and orange before we can eat them. Here’s the reason why. Cucumbers turn orange … Continue reading

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Broccoli Bonanza

For the first time in my gardening life I am enjoying homegrown broccoli from our vegetable garden. Better yet? It’s totally organic and totally pest free! That’s a broccoli bonanza! Our friend, neighbor and gardening guru Catherine Seidenberg asked me … Continue reading

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Mystery Mushroom

It seems that rainy days always result in crops all of mystery mushrooms sprouting in our lawns. I remain a total mycology neophyte, though I own several detailed mushroom identification books and enjoy reading the descriptions. I remain totally ill-equipped … Continue reading

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