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Rosslyn Featured on Emmet Carter Green Design

A major upgrade to the Emmet Carter website incorporating recent green design projects prominently features Rosslyn. I’ll excerpt a few descriptions and some of photographer Nancie Battaglia’s interior images in the post below. Welcome to Rosslyn Rosslyn is a stately Federal home on the shore … Continue reading

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Tito Ingenieri: Empty Bottles, Full Life

Having invested so much life into Rosslyn, I often find myself wondering about other epic house projects, house design and rehab adventures that eclipse the normal homeowner/home balance. Let me introduce Tito Ingenieri. This creative Argentinian built a beer bottle house out … Continue reading

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Deconstruction and Reuse is Child’s Play

Legos teach reuse at a young age. You build, take apart and rebuild using the same pieces. You wouldn’t throw away your Legos would you? So why throw away your home’s valuable materials? (reusenetwork.org) This quirky little video is a … Continue reading

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What is Green Building?

The term “green building” is moving steadily from fringe to mainstream, but its meaning is getting blurrier in the process. Sounds good on a brochure, but is it accurate? What does “green building” even mean? Green building is the practice … Continue reading

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Organic Box Springs

After another toss-turn-twist-roll-toss-turn night I spent some time trolling the web for organic mattresses and organic box springs. It’s truly amazing how much this marketplace has changed over the last year or two. There are literally too many options to … Continue reading

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Farmhouse Furniture Wax: Green Product with a Nostalgic Feel

My current quest to source a green furniture wax connected me with Betsy at Farmhouse Wares, a user-friendly online purveyor of the sort of essentials you might have found at a general store in the distant, slightly idealized past. Betsy’s goal complements … Continue reading

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