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I love artichokes. Growing artichokes, eating artichokes, enjoying the magnificent bloom (like a purple sea anemone) when I fail to harvest artichokes in time,… I hold artichokes in extremely high regard. But I must admit that I’ve never, ever conceived … Continue reading

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From Artichoke to Sea Anemone

When you don’t harvest your artichokes in time they bloom. And then they look like sea anemones! On the one hand, it’s a pity. One fewer chokes to steam and dab in mayonnaise or butter or… hollandaise sauce. Yum. On … Continue reading

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Veggie Patch Lullaby

It’s that time of year again when we put the vegetable garden to sleep. I’ve been asked if it isn’t bittersweet ripping out limp, frosted tomato plants and tilling under the rotting stems of zucchini and cantaloupe. And you know, … Continue reading

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Adirondack Autumn 2012: Part I

As I mentioned recently, Adirondack autumn invites retrospection and introspection. But don’t fret, today’s lilt is less wistful. Levity is restored and whimsical iPhoneography is the flavor or the day. With September and October skulking away and November slithering in, … Continue reading

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