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Bald Eagle Omen

I share with you a bald eagle omen, courtesy of my mother. Bald eagle by your boat house. Saw this elegant creature as I went to massage and he was still there when I returned. May be a sign of something … Continue reading

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Bobcat Sighting

This handsome bobcat (Lynx rufus) was photographed with game camera in one of our meadows on January 2, 2016. Friend and Essex neighbor John Davis mounted the camera about a month ago. In addition to photographs of deer, turkeys, and rabbits he discovered four … Continue reading

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Decrypting Bird Tracks in Snow

I don’t recall whether or not I was fascinated with animal and bird tracks in snow as a child, but I suspect I was. I am now… (Fox Tracks, Foxtrot & X-Country Skiing) It wasn’t until my nephews (now teenagers … Continue reading

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Fox Tracks, Foxtrot & X-Country Skiing

An inch or two of fresh powder and bluebird skies above lured me away from my desk on Monday for a mid-morning x-country ski outing with my lab. Hooky! Crisp but otherwise perfect conditions were the enticement; fresh fox tracks … Continue reading

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Mallard Jacuzzi

Ducks at Dawn on Icy Lake As Lake Champlain freezes and thaws and freezes again, trying to create a seamless skateable expanse between the Adirondack Coast and Vermont, Rosslyn’s boathouse bubbler offers the wild ducks welcome refuge. It’s a veritable … Continue reading

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Garter Snake in the Snow in Summer

That was one jumbo garter snake, friends! Even longer than the timber rattlesnake I witnessed a couple of weeks ago in a friends barn, though falling short in girth, rattles, and venom. Though this Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) was … Continue reading

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Kamikaze Wild Turkey: The Gallopavo Imbroglio

“George, uh, when you get a chance, can you give me a call? A, uh, a turkey hit your door last night and, um, it knocked the door off its hinges…” A turkey? What? The voicemail had popped up on … Continue reading

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Adirondack Autumn 2012: Part I

As I mentioned recently, Adirondack autumn invites retrospection and introspection. But don’t fret, today’s lilt is less wistful. Levity is restored and whimsical iPhoneography is the flavor or the day. With September and October skulking away and November slithering in, … Continue reading

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Adirondack Birding and Squirreling

Rather than whining through another verse of the Bali Blues on my harmonica, I awoke on my first morning back at Rosslyn in a fever to jump-start autumn/winter rituals. Top of the list was setting up the bird feeders in … Continue reading

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Fox & Squirrel Revisited

I’ve been quick to admit my fascination with the ongoing Rosslyn safari. Predation up close and personal from the comfort of my breakfast table! But this week, I had a change of heart… Continue reading

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