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Bald Eagle Omen

I share with you a bald eagle omen, courtesy of my mother. Bald eagle by your boat house. Saw this elegant creature as I went to massage and he was still there when I returned. May be a sign of something … Continue reading

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Bobcat Sighting

This handsome bobcat (Lynx rufus) was photographed with game camera in one of our meadows on January 2, 2016. Friend and Essex neighbor John Davis mounted the camera about a month ago. In addition to photographs of deer, turkeys, and rabbits he discovered four … Continue reading

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Snakes, Swiss Chard & Automobiles

A week ago today was a day for snakes. Though – sadly, I must add – it was not a day for living snakes… Rattlesnakes and White Tail Deer Let’s start with the good news. Or at least the benign-if-slightly-amusing … Continue reading

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De-Icing the Duck Pond

Let me start by saying that we don’t have a duck pond. We have a lake. Lake Champlain. And although it pains me slightly to say it, we also don’t have any ducks. Not personally, at least. Lake Champlain, on … Continue reading

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December 2014

In recent years December has given us our first real blast of winter. A premature blast usually because early December snows have usually melted by Christmas… December 2014 Raptors Early in December 2014 I walked Rosslyn’s woods and meadows to make … Continue reading

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Learning to Live: Sweet Corn and Raccoons

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that … Continue reading

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Garter Snake in the Snow in Summer

That was one jumbo garter snake, friends! Even longer than the timber rattlesnake I witnessed a couple of weeks ago in a friends barn, though falling short in girth, rattles, and venom. Though this Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) was … Continue reading

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Rosslyn’s American Mink

I few evenings ago I remembered that I’d left my iPhone on the runabout, so I headed down to the waterfront before dinner to grab it. As I stepped out onto the dock, I noticed an energetic mink playing around … Continue reading

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Timber Rattlesnake? Massasauga Rattlesnake?

Massasauga rattlesnake (Sistrurus catenatus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Have you ever ever heard of an Eastern massasauga rattlesnake? Or a Sistrurus catenatus? Me either. Until recently. I’ve just come across notes that I scribbled almost three years ago on May 15, … Continue reading

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Hawk Attacks Dove

Last Sunday my bride and I settled in for a post-lunch-tea-and-snooze in the parlor. The previous week’s unseasonably temperate spring-going-on-summer weather had yielded to cold and rain, so we weren’t feeling too guilty about playing hooky. No gardening or tidying … Continue reading

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