Off Kilter Boathouse

Off Kilter Boathouse (Credit: Tom Duca)
Off Kilter Boathouse (Credit: Tom Duca)

It’s always a nice pick-me-up when a friend (or a complete stranger) shoots me a snapshot (or a painting, etc.) of Rosslyn’s boathouse. Tom Duca’s sunny snapshot this morning is no exception. Thanks, Tom!

Another… Autumn day, blue skies, geese bobbing on the lake beside your boat house. ~ Tom Duca

I chuckled when he responded to my request for permission to repost his photo with an apology that the photo is off kilter. Off kilter? Hardly. I chuckled because the boathouse that we inherited when we took ownership of Rosslyn a little over a decade ago was indeed off kilter. I mean, really off kilter. Ready to tumble @$$ over teakettle into Lake Champlain. What a relief that today this quirky little house on a pier is less likely to succumb to the wily ways of weather and time and gravity.

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