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Kestrel Sighting

Katie Shepard posted this vintage photograph of the steam yacht Kestrel on the Essex blog recently to see if anyone could identify the vessel, the boathouse, the men on the pier, the approximate year, etc. Greater Adirondack Ghost and Tour … Continue reading

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Rosslyn in Essex on Lake Champlain

Note: The following Rosslyn excerpts originally appeared in “Rosslyn“ (Essex on Lake Champlain, February 26, 2013) and “Rosslyn Boathouse“ (Essex on Lake Champlain, February 27, 2013). Rosslyn, the second oldest home on Essex, New York’s Merchant Row, is located just … Continue reading

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Need a Hand?

“Hey!” I looked up toward Route 22 and saw C.G. Stephens climbing over the guardrail. “Need a hand?” It was the first time since our boathouse and waterfront had been submerged that anyone had offered assistance. “Thanks. I really appreciate … Continue reading

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