Rosslyn Redux: Reawakening a home, a dream and ourselves

Exit Manhattan. Enter Adirondacks. Renovate a home. Grow a garden. Live happily ever after. Or not…

Rosslyn Redux

Rosslyn Redux is a vicarious plunge into the idiosyncrasies (and absurdities) of reawakening a home, a dream and ourselves.

redux |rēˈdəks, ˈrēˈdəks|
adjective: brought back; revived; restored
ORIGIN late 19th century: from Latin, from reducere ‘bring back.’

In August 2006 my bride and I purchased Rosslyn, a circa 1820 historic home and boathouse on Lake Champlain. We appointed ourselves general contractor; assembled an unlikely band of carpenters, tradesmen and artisans; and set out to fuse historic rehabilitation with green design.

Four years later we finally finished. (Sort of. Except for everything that we’re still working on…) We’d blown our original timeline and budget by about 400%, we’d tested our marriage again and again, and we’d sometimes-enthusiastically-sometimes-begrudgingly adapted to North Country life.

Rosslyn Redux as Transmedia Experiment

Rosslyn Redux is less tidy. More tangled. Less gift. More adventure.

Rosslyn Redux is a multimodal narrative incorporating oral storytelling, digital storytelling and print. This unconventional (and admittedly unfocused) approach leverages multiple platforms — live performance, video, audio, scrapbooking, blogging, social media and print/digital books — to explore the strengths and limits of modern storytelling while embracing author-audience collaboration. In short, Rosslyn Redux is an experiment, less chronicle and more lyric essay. Less memoir; more meditation.

Most memoirs untangle a single, tidy story and wrap it up with pretty paper and a ribbon. A gift. To enjoy. And then go on to the next gift.

Rosslyn Redux is less tidy. More tangled. Less gift. More adventure.

Help Create the Rosslyn Redux Story

The Rosslyn Redux blog is a good place to begin. If you’re active on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter (@rosslynredux) you can jump into the story on your social media platform of choice. If you like pictures, perhaps you’ll enjoy Pinterest (or if you prefer only moving pictures, YouTube may be your best bet.) If you prefer live storytelling (or audio/video recordings from live events) check out Redacting Rosslyn. Every day there are powerful new storytelling innovations, and your suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

4 Responses to About

  1. Raymond Lum says:

    I have a photo (a carte-de-visite) of 2 men sitting wearing top hats. On the back is printed in pencil: James L. Livingston/Albion Wadhams. The photo, for which I paid $8, is by A. P. Hart, Photographer, No. 22 Lake Street, Elmira, NY. It is not dated. Might you be interested in it?

  2. virtualDavis says:

    Thank you, Raymond, for piquing my interest. I would indeed be interested in seeing the photograph (and possibly acquiring it, if you’re inclined) for the post about Hickory Hill and Homeport. I imagine that James L. Livingston must be a man from Elizabethtown, NY who worked many years for the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company and whose obituary appears in the July 18, 1905 issue of the Elizabethtown Post, a newspaper founded by his father, Major Robert Wilson Livingstone. That said, I haven’t any notion of the relationship between Livingston and Wadhams except that they must have been friends, acquainted by virtue of the proximity between Wadhams and Elizabethtown. Any ideas?

  3. Jere Buch says:

    I was walking along your shoreline last summer and admiring your recent stone wall creations. Can you please tell me who did that work for you and can you give me their contact information? I own a lakeshore property a little bit north of you and I am considering building a stone patio, seating area and fire pit. Thanks.

    Jere Buch

    • virtualDavis says:

      Jere, thanks for your comment. I will email you directly regarding the local stone masons and laborers who’ve helped us gradually restore Rosslyn’s lakefront terracing and other stone walls and foundations throughout the property. Next time your walking by, ring the bell and introduce yourself! :-)

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