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Wondering why Hurricane Isaac is the title for this entry and photo? Or better yet, what Hurricane Isaac and have in common? I’ll explain (and encourage you to vote for this Photo of the Week) in just a moment.

But first, let me tell the story behind the picture.

The photo to the right was a spontaneous snapshot that I took with my iPhone on September 4, 2012 after Hurricane Isaac lumbered through the Eastern United States.

We were fortunate that the the storm had used up most of its anger by the time it whirled through the Champlain Valley, but Rosslyn’s boathouse nevertheless endured a thorough water and wind lashing.

Once Hurricane Isaac’s fury passed I headed down to the waterfront to survey the damage. For all practical purposes we escaped unscathed. Almost. Except for this red Adirondack chair which was swept off the boathouse pier and dumped into the shallow water in front of our beach. Unfortunately the waves pounded the chair against the rocks, crushing one armrest and dinging the chair up elsewhere. I snapped this picture and posted it to Istagram with this message:

By the dawn’s early light… The Adirondack chair that got away!

Good fortune was smiling upon us. The chair is repairable and no further damage was evident.

The barn red Adirondack chair is one of a pair that was hand made for us as a wedding gift by a close friend who grew up in the Adirondacks but now lives and works in Burlington, Vermont. He presented us with two miniature versions of the chairs while still designing and constructing them and then surprised us the following summer by installing the handsome pair on Rosslyn’s boathouse pier, flanking the double doors on the Vermont side. They’ve become a fixture in the half dozen years since. Combined with the hammock, the handsome pair of Adirondack chairs invite you to linger a while to watch the ferry come and go while catching up with an old friend.

This winter once Hurricane Irene repairs to our waterfront and normal seasonal maintenance abates, we will rebuild and repaint the battered chair. And next spring it will greet ferry passengers once again.

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Wouldn’t it be fun to see this quirky photograph of Rosslyn’s boathouse splashed across the front of the home page as a Photo of the Week?

It could happen. It’s nominated and in the running. All it takes is your vote and a little bit of luck. Okay a whole lot of votes and luck!

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5 Responses to Photo of the Week: Hurricane Isaac

  1. Josh Clement says:

    Great shot! Just voted, George. Good luck!

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  3. Wonderful picture, congratulations!

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