Old Stump Bridge in Whallons Bay

Oil painting of Old Stump Bridge in Whallons Bay by Sid Couchey (Source: Heidi Labate)

Oil painting of Old Stump Bridge in Whallons Bay by Sid Couchey (Source: Heidi Labate)

Back in July I received a comment from Heidi LaBate about an Essex painting created by the late Sid Couchey.

I have an original oil painting done by Sid couchey in the mid to late 1950’s. It is off old stump bridge in whallons bay. Sid gifted the painting to my grandfather when my grandfather was the lay minister at the church innessex NY. I would love more information and / or to sell it to someone from the area who would appreciate it fully. I reside in Burlington , Vt. (Source: Heidi Labate, July 29, 2016)

I was thrilled to receive the following snapshots from Ms. LaBate who blogs about food and cooking (and offers a “freezer meal” service) at BeetsCookingVT.com.

Unfortunately I don’t have any light to shed on the painting, although my respect for Sid Couchey is no secret. It has been suggested that Sid Couchey not only created the Old Stump Bridge painting above, but he may also have helped his grandfather build it (Essex on Lake Champlain). I hope to learn more about this.

My knowledge of Old Stump Bridge is similarly skinny. The following image is from a vintage “souvenir mailer” in my growing personal collection of Essex artifacts.

Old Stump Bridge at Whallons Bay

David C. Hislop touched briefly on the topic in Essex on Lake Champlain, his Essex, NY contribution to the Images of America book series.

“The wonderful old stump bridge just south of Essex at Whallons Bay added rustic charm to the area around 1920. The elaborate cedar-root bridge would today be associated with the fashionable Adirondack style.” (Google Books)

Thanks, Heidi LaBate, for the photographs of Sid Couchey’s painting of Old Stump Bridge. I’ll update this page if/when I learn anything else.

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